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The North Coast College of Marine Studies is an exciting endeavour aimed at establishing a School of Excellence in 'all things marine' which will not only keep the old marine skills alive but equip people with skills to enter the local, national and global marine industries.


COMS will become a registered training organisation (RTO) that provides high quality apprenticeships and training that are linked to its repair and maintenance capability in timber and other materials for boats up to 200 tonnes. It will primarily attract clients from the Northern Rivers of NSW and South East Queensland through its exceptional skill levels and industry relationships.

  • Courses to be offered


    • Shipwright
    • Marine Surveying
    • Coxwain
    • Deckhand
    • Bar Crossing
    • Boat Handling
    • Sail Training
    • Marine Hospitality
  • Courses ready to start

    • General Boat and PWC ( Jet Ski) Licences
    • Exemption 38
    • Coxswain; MED, Master 4
    • Sailing Courses
    • Skip Jack Restoration
    • MyDory construction - 12ft kits and electric boats
    • Wooden Boat Building
    • Dinghy building / restoration

  • Services available

    • Boat and Jet Ski Practical Training
    • Shipwrighting
    • Boat Building
    • Design Work
    • Marine Surveying
    • Sail making / repairs


This course will teach classic, traditional methods of wooden boat building.

Stage 1 - Carvel Construction

This first stage begins with reproducing the lines full size on a loft floor, and beginning to build a carvel crusing vessel of around 30 feet in length. Starting with laying the keel, the project develops through all stages of construction to fit out, launch and builder's trials.


Stage 2 - Carvel Construction

With the framework of the hull completed, the next stage is planking. The hull is 'lined out' and marked on each mould to ensure that each strake tapers evenly and has a pleasing appearance. The individual planks are spiled and shaped. The planks are 'soled' or hollowed out where necessary so as to fit the ribs closely in the curved areas.

Knees, bulkheads, breast hook and cabin soles are all fitted, stringers and beam shelf installed, cabin and cockpit carlines made. Engine installation may also occur at this stage - including the construction of bearers and floors, installation of the engine and drive components, provision of tanks, exhaust, cooling and starting systems.

This stage will also address the use of various metals in a wooden boat, and how they interact when used in fastenings, fittings and equipment, as well as pattern making for the casting of simple components.


Stage 3 - Carvel Construction

Decking, furniture, tankage, wiring, plumbing and deck hardware. This stage also addresses the provision for water and fuel tanks, and installing plumbing for them.

  • Spar making and rigging
  • Launching