secret 33


A self-sufficient single-handed zero-emission yawl for island trading and ocean research.
Custom fit-out for multi or single purpose.

Now production ready.


— Fold out solar canopy to 2.1kW

— Main and jib furled in seconds

— Exceptionally versatile rig with self-tacking jib + genoa

— Carbon fibre yard doubles as derrick (eco version with bamboo available)

— Tough GRP hull

— Retractable bowsprit

— Two handed mast lowering/raising

— Detachable sheerlegs for level standing

— Propeller regeneration under sail

— Air bags for emergency flotation

— Dive/work platform (optional)

— Extensive use of bamboo products in fit-out

— Standing headroom

— Two work stations (optional)

— Portable 2kW generator

— Water maker 40 litres per day and rainwater collection system

— Bow thruster

— Power supply 240 volt

— Fits in a 40’ flat-rack container

— Global monitoring

— Geo stationary facility (with bow thruster)




Here is our cargo boat based on our super-efficient Secret 33 solar-electric ferry. The secrets were designed from the outset as sailing boats, during construction a skeg keel is fitted to the power boats and a deeper, ballasted keel is fitted to the sailing versions.This Secret is called the EX — for expedition — and a special ocean research version is available or it may be customised for any application — cargo, tourism, tourism or simply fun. The research version is zero emission and self-sufficient for a crew of up to 5.

Fast, versatile, and with ultra-low maintenance, the Secret 33 EX will fit in a 40-foot flat-rack container, so may be deployed virtually anywhere in the world.

A number of special features have been developed for multi-purpose use. A solar canopy with fold-out “wings” forms a convenient all-weather roof and increases the solar input to 2.1 kW. Detachable sheerlegs can be quickly fitted under the side stay “channels” for level hard-standing, to name but two.

Various rig options are available including gaff or lugsail yawl. The yawl being simpler and better suited to single-handed operation.

The cargo area/cockpit is 3.4 metres long and can take 3 pallets, 12 passengers or general cargo.

Ideal for Pacific or Caribbean islands, the Secret 33 EX is in production now and available for tourism, trading and marine research. The boat will be as green as we can possibly make it and allows totally independent economically advantageous operation.

The Secret 33 EX is custom fitted with any special requirements incorporated, alternatively basic sailaway boats are available now for owners to complete and fit out.

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YARDS -Carbonfibre
LOD -9.9 metres   32’6”
LWL - 8.7 metres    28’7”
LOA - 13.7 metres    45'
BEAM - 2.45 metres   8’
BALLAST - Fixed keel ballast 1 tonne + water ballast
DRAUGHT - 0.9 metres   3’
RIG - Lugsail or gaff yawl
WORKING SAILS - 45 or 55 sq metres
*subject to cargo volume Up to 12
*subject to cargo volume
2 to 5
CARGO 3 x pallets cargo up to 2.5 tonnes
AUXILIARY ENGINE - 1 x 10 kW electric motor + propeller regeneration
GENERATOR - Optional
BATTERIES - Lithium ion
SOLAR ARRAY - Up to 2.1 kW
TOP SPEED - 7.8 knots (under power)
RANGE -Cruising range 24 hours
FRESH WATER - 450 litres
DESIGNER - Derek Ellard